CHECK OUR WEBSITECheck our website and what we do before you contact us. We don’t provide city cab service, ride-sharing, tourist guiding, and rent a car. Services we provide are private airport and long-distance transfers, private car tours, and limousine service.


ASK FOR A QUOTEContact us with all the details about the ride you need. We will ask you for more information if you miss something, and then we will make an offer that includes all available vehicles with an all-inclusive price for the whole car.


BOOK A RIDE AND PAY 20% DEPOSIT BY PAYPAL OR SWIFT – When you receive our offer, you have to choose a vehicle class among offered,  and follow our simple payment instructions.


CONFIRMATION – After we receive your 20% payment (or you send us a screenshot of payment as proof) we will confirm your ride. We will assign the ride to a driver at least two days before the ride.


DRIVER’S CONTACT – The driver assigned for your ride will contact you at a decent time at least 1 day before the scheduled driving time. Please make sure that you are reachable by phone. If we are unable to contact you, we reserve the right to cancel the ride unless the ride is paid in advance. You can contact the driver regarding the details of your ride and easier finding, but please contact our office for arranging any future rides.


CANCELLATION – You can cancel a ride without a refund no less than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the ride.


DEPARTURE FROM YOUR ADDRESS – The driver will be at your pick-up location 10-15 minutes before the start of the ride unless there is an adequate parking space (then he will be on exactly on time). He will contact you when he arrives at your pick-up address. Free waiting is a maximum of 15 minutes over the scheduled time.


DEPARTURE FROM THE AIRPORT – If we drive you from the airport, the driver will monitor your flight and wait for you at the arrivals holding a sign with your name on it. If you have trouble seeing him because of the crowd, contact him by phone. Free waiting is up to 1 hour after the plane lands, which is more than enough for you to pass customs control, take your luggage, and get out.


PRICE AND POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL CHARGES – The price for your ride is fixed for the whole vehicle and includes all transportation costs. Additional payment is possible only in case you request changes related to the agreed details of your ride, such as changes of address, additional waiting, change of route, and similar. Additional waiting costs 10€ per started hour (for a standard taxi). Add-on addresses you didn’t mention when we made a reservation will be charged 1 € per kilometer, with a minimum of 5 € extra charges (for a standard taxi). If you didn’t specify the exact drop-off location in your reservation, but only the place/city, it is considered that your drop-off address is not more than 5 kilometers away from the center of the selected place/city.


PASSENGERS AND LUGGAGE – The whole vehicle is reserved only for you and your companions (no other passengers and other people’s luggage). No more passengers are allowed than vehicle capacity is, and no more luggage is allowed than can fit in the luggage compartment of the vehicle. Pack well and secure your luggage so that it is not damaged and so that it does not cause any damage to the interior of the vehicle.


TRAVEL – WIFI internet is also available in our impeccably clean non-smoking vehicles. During the trip, the driver will take a short break if you need to. Please make sure the interior stays clean after your ride.


PAYMENT – Please, pay the remaining ride in cash before leaving the vehicle unless you requested the car with a card terminal or the ride has already been paid the whole amount through the bank account or PayPal. If the card payment does not work for any reason, the driver will take you to the nearest ATM.


PLEASE CHECK – Before leaving the vehicle, make sure that you have not forgotten anything in the vehicle.


SUGGESTIONS – If you have any objections to the driver or vehicle, please contact us. We are open to all criticisms and suggestions that can help improve our service.


IMPORTANT! – Please contact our office and not our drivers for any future rides you need. It’s not allowed for the drivers to arrange rides directly with clients. Of course, you can ask our operator to assign you a specific driver and if he is free we will be happy to meet your request.